October Writing Pursuits

* This month’s meetings *
Business meeting – October 17, 10:00 a.m.
at KMVT Building on Blue Lakes Blvd.
Writers’ Support Groups – 1st Saturday in Twin Falls, 10:00 a.m.,
Vista Village Apts meeting room,
located on Rose Street North, between Filer and Caswell.
1st and 4th Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
The Links Apartments in Jerome

$PECIAL NOTICE: DUE$ ARE DUE!  Please be prepared to pay Lloyd the $35.00 fee for your 2016 membership dues at Saturday’s meeting.  He needs to get your payments so that the state payment can be forwarded in a timely manner.

ANOTHER SPECIAL NOTICE:   October is the time to nominate next year’s officers for the Twin Falls Chapter.  Please be prepared for officer nominations at our business meetingon Saturday.  Voting will take place at the November meeting.

AND YET ANOTHER SPECIAL NOTICE:  We cannot meet at the KMVT meeting room in November or December, so please be thinking of suggestions for an alternate location for the next two monthly meetings

And now for something REALLY special:
************Congratulations Are In Order!************
.2015 IWL Contest Winners from the Twin Falls Chapter:

Personal Essay
2nd — Janice Urie, Twin Falls, “Princess and Bud” (Longing)
3rd HM — Vaughn Phelps, Twin Falls, “Longing”

1st (tie) — Ginny Greene, Twin Falls, “I Need to Change My Shoes”
1st (tie) — Loy Ann Bell, Twin Falls, “Justified” (Desperation)
3rd — Vaughn Phelps, Twin Falls, “Desperation”

Creative Non-Fiction
1st — Loraine Fischer, Twin Falls, “I Need to Change My Shoes”
2nd — Mike Cothern, Twin Falls, “High Spirits” (Longing)
3rd — Vaughn Phelps, Twin Falls, “Desperation”

Short Humor 
3rd — Janice Urie, Twin Falls, “I Had Only Known”
2nd HM — Jean Cowden, Twin Falls, “Desperate Daddy” (Desperation)

Flash Fiction
1st HM — Vaughn Phelps, Twin Falls, “If Only I Had Known”

Children’s Fiction
1st — Evonne Biggins, Twin Falls, “Words” (Desperation)
2nd (tie) — Bernice Conder, Twin Falls, “Midnight” (Longing)
1st HM — Vaughn Phelps, Twin Falls, “Longing”
2nd HM — Loy Ann Bell, Twin Falls, “I Want to Play a Violin” (Longing)
Adult Fiction 
2nd — Evonne Biggins, Twin Falls, “If We’d Envisioned the Consequences” (Desperation)
3rd HM — Jean Cowden, Twin Falls, “Pixie” (Desperation)

Serious Verse
1st — Ginny Greene, Twin Falls, “Stolen Notes” (Longing)


Personal Essay
1st (tie) — Sharon Strickland, Twin Falls, “The ‘R’ Word”
1st (tie) — Marge Holley, Twin Falls, “Mama’s Scapegoat”
1st HM (tie) — Ginny Greene, Twin Falls, “Analyzing Memory: Three Piano Lessons, or Seven?”
1st HM (tie) — Janice Urie, Twin Falls, “Dad’s Glads”

1st — Loyd T. Bakewell, Twin Falls, “Solving the Bullying Problem”
2nd (tie) — Loy Ann Bell, Twin Falls, “Beaver Dick”
1st HM (tie)— Janice Urie, Twin Falls, “Where Have All the Snowmen Gone?”
1st HM (tie) — Cathy Wilson, Twin Falls, “Geocaching Fun”
1st HM (tie) — Evonne Biggins, Twin Falls, “Rendezvous”

Creative Non-fiction
1st (tie) — Janice Urie, Twin Falls, “Our Darling at Rest”
1st HM — Ginny Greene, Twin Falls, “Yesterday’s Territories”

Short Humor
3rd — Janice Urie, Twin Falls, “Up in Flames”

Flash Fiction
1st (tie) — Evonne Biggins, Twin Falls, “Food”
3rd — Vaughn Phelps, Twin Falls, “The Hidden Room”
1st HM — Jean Cowden, Twin Falls, “Run for Your Life”
2nd HM — Cathy Wilson, Twin Falls, “The Owner”

Children’s Fiction
1st — Evonne Biggins, Twin Falls, “The Grouchy Old Lady, the Bent Basketball Hoop, and Me, No-Legal-Name Kid”

Teen Fiction
2nd — Linda Helms, Twin Falls, “Sally’s Awakening”
3rd — Evonne Biggins, Twin Falls, “Blank”
1st HM — Loy Ann Bell, Twin Falls, “Bambi with an Attitude”

Adult Fiction 
3rd HM — Evonne Biggins, Twin Falls, “The Heaviest Box”

Light Verse
2nd — Evonne Biggins, Twin Falls, “Idaho Spring”
1st HM — Ginny Greene, Twin Falls, “Chocolate Words”

Serious Verse 
1st HM — Ginny Greene, Twin Falls, “Snapshots at River’s Edge”

Novel Contest

First Chapter
1st — Pat Walch, Twin Falls, “Sonoran Shadows”

Novel Excerpt
3rd — Sharon Strickland, Twin Falls, “Pieces of the Whole”

Other Awards
Writer of the Year — Vaughn Phelps, Twin Falls

Poet of the Year — Ginny Greene, Twin Falls

A Note from Linda About the  Conference:

The 2015 Conference was well attended by the Twin Falls Chapter--about 70% of our members--and many of the Twin Falls members won the writing contests. We had four past members to remember at the Memorial Service: Don Puder, Dare Jensen, Lavon Zublin, and Carolyn Lewis. There were representatives from all chapters. The speakers were great. Hopefully members who attended will share what they learned with the others who were not able to attend. Everyone seemed to enjoy the conference and meet new people from the other chapters. Since our role as Conference coordinators is finished until six more years, we will need a couple of volunteers for our 2016 statewide task: to nominate members for 2016 state offices.  
President’s Message &/Guest Speaker:  To all the winners listed above, our hearty congratulations!  Now the bad (?) news:  Since we don’t have a guest speaker for this month, Kory and Bob decided that we would ask some of the contest winners to read excerpts from their winning entries.  Don’t be shy!  We won’t have time to read them all, but please be ready to shareon Saturday if called upon (or you can volunteer to avoid being voluntold!)
Chapter Websites:                             twinfallswriters.com
Charlie Correll is web master for the sites.



The meeting was called to order by President Bob Mallory at 10 a.m. in Twin Falls at the KMVT community meeting room.  Members were welcomed and guests introduced.

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bob Mallory, Bernice Richardson, Janice Urie, Vaughn Phelps, Charlie Correll, Loyd Bakewell, Kory Lloyd, Evonne Biggins, Sherry McAllister, Sharon Strickland, Ruth Simerly, Richard Reddig, Linda Helms, Ginny Greene, Cindy Snyder, Bill Strange.  GUESTS:  Bob Sojka, Dave Stier, Carla Jenkins, Heather, Debra Hargrave.

Minutes of the previous meeting:  Ginny moved the minutes be approved as printed in the Newsletter.  Seconded by Vaughn.  Minutes approved.

Treasury report:  Loyd stated our beginning balance was $1,039.27.  We paid $15.17 to Charles Correll for website and $150.00 to IWL for our esteemed president Bob Mallory to attend the IWL conference, leaving us a current balance of $874.10.  Sharon moved the treasury report be approved.  Seconded by Bill.  All approved.

PUBLICATIONS:  An article about a missing plane by Linda was published in the North Side Journal.  Kory had a story published in a magazine.  Sharon was invited to a meeting of a local book club that had read her book.

OLD BUSINESS:  Conference.  Linda reported that Janice and Evonne both volunteered to help at the conference.  She stated that handout bags have been received.  They are white with printed logo.  100 were ordered.  Ginny told of her experiences of taking news release article for publicity in the Times News and it hasn’t been published.  A program RISE AND SHINE gave a publicity spot.  Sharon has made name tags.  Linda reminded members to bring books for sale.  A table will be set up for this purpose.  The essay winner will be there on Saturday with expenses paid.

NEW BUSINESS:  Sharon, newsletter editor, presented an idea she has about featuring a member in the spotlight each issue.  This was well accepted by those present.  Vaughn told of experiences with his books at Barnes & Noble.  He stated that two of his books are missing, and he has pulled others. 

Ginny moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Vaughn.

PROGRAM:  The speaker, Heather, talked about her book, HEATHER’S TEARS.  Written from her personal experience, and knowledge, about the foster care, and adoptive system in Idahoand elsewhere.

Respectfully submitted, Bernice D. Richardson, Secretary

Next month’s Saturday business meeting is November 21
10:00 a.m. to noon, location to be determined
*****Information for the Newsletter Needed No Later Than November 15*****


Bob Mallory
246 Alexander St.
Twin Falls ID 83301
Ph: 539-1022

Kory Lloyd
1224 Park Meadow Drive
Twin Falls ID 83301
Ph:  260-0214
Email:  klloyd@csi.edu

Bernice Richardson
612 Hayes Drive
Twin Falls ID 83301
Phone: 734-6262

Loyd Bakewell
1605 Grandview Dr N – Sp 37
Twin Falls ID 83301
Phone: 734-0557 loydandruth@q.com
Bernice Richardson
Ph: 734-6262

Charlie Correll
720 Avenue C
Jerome ID 83338
Phone: 324-4813