Sharon Hart Strickland

The Third Step, Sharon Hart Strickland’s evocative work of historical fiction, breathes new life into Oregon’s Pendleton Underground of the late 1800s in a story of two unlikely soul mates among a group of misfits who know more about love, loyalty, and fairness than the town hypocrites who condemn them. With authentic historical detail and wry wit, The Third Step spins a tale of the Old West that is rarely chronicled in history books, but one that is factually based and full of the courageous characters who sought new life in the West. This powerful, poignant work delivers a fascinating tale that is rich in historical detail, colorful characters, and good, old-fashioned romance.  Anyone looking for a wildly imaginative page-turner will relish this trip out West where the conditions are harsh, but love, honor and redemption can still prevail.


“…Strickland crafts an entertaining story and brings it to life in a unique setting.  She creates an array of strong, tough women who drive the plot.
…Strickland crafts an engaging tale … an enjoyable…novel with entertaining characters.” – Kirkus Reviews


About the Author:  Sharon Hart Strickland has been writing throughout her adult life, while also making a living and raising a family with her husband, Rick, in Southern Idaho.   The author has honed her natural writing skills over many years of professional writing as an administrative assistant, office manager and paralegal.  She has won awards for her short stories and poetry. A trip through the Pendleton Underground Tours planted a seed for a story that became her first novel, The Third Step.