Lenore 'Win' Mobley

Author of the Journey Series
W. Lenore Mobley
Jerome, Id. 208-324-3160

Now Available- the 4th (and last in the Continuing Journey Series)- The Twin's Journey Home.

  Kimberly Cleland and her twin brother, Kelly, begin their journey home only to become entangled in a murder that was committed while they are in the train. Does the young boy they rescue from being put off the train figure in this incident? They promised to help him find his father as soon as they reach their parents’ ranch in Idaho. At their home ranch, the twins find that their father has been shot. With the help of their visiting friends Emmalica and Nathan, they became entangled in these mysteries and are surprised of who helps them and who betrays them. Dangerous rustlers, a stampede of cattle, getting lost in a storm, and suspicious identities are only few of the trials these young people are embroiled with in the summer. With God’s help, they work to begin a new life in Idaho. 

Lenore has published 3 western romance novels that can be enjoyed by any age—The Dangerous Journey,The Lost Journey and Star Dancers Summer Journey, and now The Twin's Journey Home.

   The settings are in the southern, Sawtooth Idaho Mountains and the main characters are western ranch women. Each book has mystery and intrigue as well as descriptions of beautiful settings. The characters also included are; an old Indian friend; a brown bear; a red tail hawk; a wild horse; a wolf-dog; as well as the cowboys and heros who befriended the women. ($12.00)

   Her children’s book titled, Calypso, Dark Horse, is a true story of how Grandpa trained his yearling horse. Taken from the time the horse arrived at his home—until Grandpa took Calypso (at the age of three) into the wilderness to use him as his trail horse. There are picture- related drawings at each chapter headings. ($10.00)

   Lenore’s most recent book is non-fiction. It is titled; Enjoy the Journey of These Women and their Horses on the Snake River Plain. It contains memoirs’ of 65 women who enjoyed the company of a horse. Many raised and trained their own horses. Some rode for pleasure, competition or working horses at ranches. Some used them to pull wagons. Many of the women tell how getting back on their riding horse, after a serious illness, refreshed their souls. There are 22 pages of pictures in this 8x10, 200 page book. ($14.00)

   Lenore has enjoyed many horses in the 50 years she has been pleasure riding in the in the spring across the Idaho desert and going to the mountains in the summers and fall.

   She also writes short stories that have been published in magazines and writes a monthly column for the Times News in Twin Falls. She has won several awards with her writing.  Watch for her 4th fiction, Journey Series –Journey Home to be published in the spring of 2014.

Her books are available to order on Amazon.com, some local book stores or download on Kindle or order from her at bwmobley@msn.com.